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One More Than One

Internet dating… been tempted?
‘6ft mocha-drinking gamer finds 3ft chocolate-loving, feisty red-head’

Two Australian Theatre Companies join forces at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe as Atypical Theatre Company and KidsTheseDays present the UK-Premiere of their award-winning, critically acclaimed production, ONE MORE THAN ONE at C-Central’s, The Blue Room between 1-25 August (excluding 11 August).

Devised by performers Emma Hawkins and Keith Lim, ONE MORE THAN ONE uses new media, broken narrative and physical theatre to explore the rule-of-thumb – ‘opposites attract’ – and question the deception of first appearances, when an unlikely couple meet over the internet.

‘A rare moment of perfection in theatre’


‘A piece of strikingly original movement theatre’


SHE is short (standing at 105cm) and feisty with red-hair and pale skin, looking for love online. HE is a tall (almost twice her height), sensitive, Asian-Australian, online gaming ‘geek’; a slave to the next fix, the next
rush. Apart, their narrow lives are boring and meaningless. A chance meeting online brings them together and as they begin to unravel social, physical and cultural differences they find new ways of partnership that fit

their physical extremes in a vigorous duet of rough and tumble.


The performance is set out in two sequences: The meeting – in which the couple delve, head-on into their physical and cultural stereotypes with a humorous set of clichéd questions: Do people rest beer on your head? Do you
think you’re trying to take our jobs? The Physical Encounter – in which the couple develop their connection through poignant movement exuding passion, energy, intimacy and subtle eroticism.

The title of the show is suggestive of each of the characters’ separate obsessions with the internet, pressing the keys ‘one more time’ to find the perfect man, or another video-game.

Of the production Emma Hawkins says: “The piece deals with breaking down the numerous prejudices surrounding physical appearance and cultural differences. We didn’t want to portray it in a sensational or stereotypical
way but by giving the audience another perspective upon which to base their view and show what is possible when you look and think outside the box.”

This engaging piece employs the performers’ disparate physicality to compelling effect and is a must-see for all those performance die-hards and keen theatre-goers.

First created as a culmination of 2 years Master’s project, “re:self->com” went on to perform in New York City’s “Creative Tech Weeking” to critical acclaim from the festival director.

Looking to put re:work feature aspects of lockdown and our newly common experience of infinite Zoom… And to incorporate hybrid interactive methods allowing for live streaming into the show from online and present audience.

50min solo, no interval.
3 screens, 3 projectors, Multiple cameras.
6m x 6m minimum. 


Concept and Performance: Keith Lim

Original Music (ver1.0): Manuel Breuer
Original Music (ver2.1, ver2.2): Sasha  

Mentors and Dramaturgy: Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck, Lisa Becker, Jorge Gonçalves

Video, stage, lighting and puppet design: Keith Lim