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Keith Lim

Short Bio

Keith has dedicated his performance arts career to interactive art. Leaving his established physical theatre network in the Australian independent arts scene, he travelled the world pursuing genre-defining expertise – working with interactive art pioneers Blast Theory and with local London companies during the initial immersive theatre boom. From 2014 his Zombie Survival Academy toured around the world, warning everyone of the incoming pandemic. In 2016 he settled in Copenhagen to join the Illutron interactive arts studio (est. 2007).
Keith is an interdisciplinary jack of all trades. Master of Dance, BA in Computer Science / Psychology, his work continuously iterates and mashes up live art, emerging technology and awareness of somatic states. For over 15 years he has created physical and immersive theatre, interactive installations, video and digital art that navigate how various technologies augment, limit and enhance the human lived experience.W

Field of Work

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