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Big Friendly Wizard Ghost (BFWG) / Roving Backpack Puppet / 2020-2023

The Giant Ghost Wizard Backpack Puppet

Originally created for Borderland 2019. Has since ben used at Christianhavn’s Beboerhus Halloween immersive performances (2000) and roving performance at an underground Wacky Wizard Rave (2023)

First created as a culmination of 2 years Master’s project, “re:self->com” went on to perform in New York City’s “Creative Tech Weeking” to critical acclaim from the festival director.

Looking to put re:work feature aspects of lockdown and our newly common experience of infinite Zoom… And to incorporate hybrid interactive methods allowing for live streaming into the show from online and present audience.

50min solo, no interval.
3 screens, 3 projectors, Multiple cameras.
6m x 6m minimum. 


Concept and Performance: Keith Lim

Original Music (ver1.0): Manuel Breuer
Original Music (ver2.1, ver2.2): Sasha  

Mentors and Dramaturgy: Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck, Lisa Becker, Jorge Gonçalves

Video, stage, lighting and puppet design: Keith Lim